Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fields of yellow, yellow sunny day

Apparently the yellow theme continues...

We celebrated Easter yesterday at my childhood home. The fields were full of different varieties of yellow flowers.

One of my nieces poses with her yellow bouquet.

Then we have the two older girls pose with her. This is Katelynn, Shyanne, and my daughter Ky.

Of course the moms were then persuaded to be photgraphed. I pose with my two sisters. This is Pennie, me (Kerrie), and Sherrie. Additional bouquets provided by Shyanne.
It was one of those peaceful, fun times with family.


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet picture of you and your sisters! The field of flowers is beautiful!

KathyB. said...

Yellow flowers are so cheerful, even if they are dandelions. What kind of flowers are you holding?

These are photos that will be cherished. How many sisters do you have and what is your birth order? ( I have 3 sisters and I am the oldest)Do you see your sisters often?

Peaceful and fun times with family are the very best times of all. You are blessed.

Southern Comfort said...

The flowers were very beautiful but I don't know what they are! I know the taller ones are wild mustard but that isn't what we are holding. I am the oldest sister, Sherrie is next and Pennie is last. We also have a younger brother, Johnny. We do see each other fairly often, which is a blessing.