Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our new Saturday morning routine

Two or three Saturdays a month, we make the short trip to Bryan/College Station. We take our recycling, shop a little and eat out. The main reason we actually go is Casa Rodriguez in Bryan. We like to eat early-around 11:00, because we love ordering from the breakfast menu.

It's pretty inside.

Can you tell where our daughter goes to school? We probably embarrassed her by wearing "matching" shirts.

Mike orders his usual breakfast, huevos rancheros.    With bacon.    And beer.

Migas, potatoes, and refried beans.

Salsa and chips.
A lot of Mexican food restaurants automatically bring green and red salsa, but here you have to order the green sauce. The first time we did, we found out why. If you just dip your chip and eat-you die. It's the hottest thing I've ever tried. But, the taste! I think it is made from roasted jalapenos and tomatillos, but they won't tell me (it's a family secret). We learned to order sour cream on the side. Mix the green sauce and sour cream and it's amazing.

I usually order a pancake and a breakfast taco, but this time I ordered sopapillos and coffee. When they arrived, the four "pillows" of hot fried dough covered with powdered sugar and honey on the side, I forgot to take a picture. So I owe you one!


Anonymous said...

Makes me hungry for Mexican food! It is a testimony to Mike's devotion to his children that he is actually wearing an A&M t-shirt, so I guess I'll forgive him lol!

Daisy said... is pretty inside there. I couldn't eat a breakfast like Mike's, but what you had sounds good. :-)

Southern Comfort said...

Daisy, I never eat what Mike eats! Especially not for breakfast. And Pam, Mike thought you and Pat would have a comment about the shirt but he's glad Ky is attending a college right here at home. He still supports the UT football team exclusively and still wants to play on their team!