Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday wishes

Before I had time to realize it, over two weeks of time flew by and I hadn't posted anything! I did read all my favorite blogs everyday, and really enjoyed them, but it seems like that is all I had time to do. I will post some pictures soon of the homemade crafts I did, and the final phase of my limoncello. I have a lot of things to share from this holiday season.
I have a family update: Mike's dad is back in the hospital with several problems that won't stablize. While he was in intensive care, Mike went to stay with him everyday. Now he is in a private room and hopes to move back to the rehab center soon. We did get to see both sides of the family for Christmas and attend the wedding of one of our nieces. And, I think Mike is really ready to retire now. These last few weeks seems like a blurr, but I will sort it all out and see what I have pictures of.
Meanwhile, it is still the holiday season and soon it will be a new year. I wish everyone Happy Holidays and I hope you will visit me here...soon.


Dawnie said...

I hope things settle down with your family and for your husband. Life can be a blur at times..but i think that is what forces us sometimes to make decisions we need to make. I hope it all gets much more peaceful for you soon.

KathyB. said...

Isn't it amazing that we can plan our holidays and have all sorts of 'ideal' ways to celebrate, but when a family crisis enters our lives all our plans fly out the window. Life is so unpredictable.Fortunately God is predictable and in charge...and He does not make mistakes. He knew Mike's Dad would be needing Mike, He knew all about the things in our lives that throw us off balance. And He offers that balance, in Him and through Him.Praise Him !