Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Monday, December 29, 2008

Limoncello-Final step

After about 2 months, it was time to strain and bottle the limoncello that I made from my very own lemon crop. After it was strained and bottled, it was a pale, pretty liquid. Here it is in my kitchen window amid the angels and artificial snow. After admiring the pretty presentation a while, I put the bottles in my freezer because you are supposed to serve it ice cold. I took one bottle with me on my Christmas rounds and it was a hit, especially with my husband's side of the family.


Dawnie said...

I've never heard of that..what is it and what do you do with it?

I'm SO into anything homemade and fresh these days. It is very pretty. I like your little display there.

have a great new years!

KathyB. said...

Your lemoncello is pretty, and you'd be a hit here too if you stopped by with it. I made some cranberry liqueur that is pretty and very, very good. Unfortunately I did not start the process until it was too late to give as gifts and serve at Christmas year!

How impressive, to harvest your own fruit and turn it into something so delicious and so welcome!
p.s. looks like the little angels are pretty happy about it too, were they imbibing?

Raggedy Girl said...

What a beautiful vignette. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year.
Roberta Anne

Ben said...

That's an awesome bottle for gift giving, where did you get that?