Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Monday, January 12, 2009

Waiting patiently

Granny can make any animal behave. She comes outside with a snack for the dogs. They come to her excitedly. She walks to the edge of the porch and tells them to sit. She allows Amos to get on the porch because he is so small and doesn't do any damage. The other dog, Tank, has been trained to stay off. They both sit and wait patiently.
My dog, Amos, gets a bite. Tank, who belongs to one of my nephews, is a full grown pit bull. He waits patiently.

Tank gets a bite while Amos waits, and wishes for one more turn.


Dawnie said...

I want both of them dogs! I cant get enough happy loved dog pictures. You know I was always afraid of pit bulls and just overall didnt like them. Well, one of my clients has a pit bull and the first time I went to their home I asked them put the dog away. They insisted the dog was kind--so I said We'll see. Well i witnessed the dog crying in the window--crying and crying so I said okk let him in but if he even growls I want him OUT. The darn dog came in and they showed me all the tricks he knows. When you say Kiss--he literally jumps up and kisses you on your mouth..he plays dead, plays police,, all kinds of neat things. I fell in love with the dog. Now when I go there I say Give Dawnie A kiss and he does. I have 0 fear and dislike for pit bulls now--in fact its the opposite, they've been given a horrible rap and its all in how they are raised.

Raggedy Girl said...

Still praying for your FIL. The puppies are so sweet.
Roberta Anne