Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sweet gift from a sweet friend

A pallet of strawberries given by a generous friend, washed, cored and sliced. Nine quarts of fresh berries packed with a 30% sugar solution, ready to freeze and use later.
One quart of the ripest ones to have with our supper. A delicious end to a day of Easter preparation and cooking. Thank you, dear friend for this special gift.


Mom24 said...

What a wonderful friend you must be to have a friend like that. Happy Easter.

KathyB. said...

You're right! Strawberries are always a nice gift, but to receive them all ready for the freezer, wow! Your friend's fingers are probably still stained red too. Happy Easter.

Calming Scents said...

ohhh you lucky girl! this is one of the best gifts. they look wonderful.