Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Burning

Mike decides to burn the dead tree stump that we had left from last year. The grass is green and wet and the dry stump burns easily.

He decides to see if the green stump from the tree he cut down this year will burn. This one is a little more difficult to get started.

After a few hours, the stump is burning slowly because of the dry wood we placed inside the hollowed out trunk.

Yes, the fire is big at this moment. I take a picture from my kitchen. Uh, yes, it is a little close to the house.

Burning the stump is interesting and kind of relaxing, as long as the wind doesn't kick up~


Sand Flat Farm said...

Hey, thanks for your comment about the molasses and ants. I appreciate it! And your condolences. We're doing pretty well, thank you.

Looks like you've got your own bubba, too, from the overalls. My husband burns stumps like that, too.

I've enjoyed reading your blog. We could be neighbors!

KathyB. said...

The stump burning so close to the house would make me hover nearby with a hose...a hose attached to a faucet , and ready to let loose! Looks like a productive time for you all, the BIG stump we have to burn has been set afire many times over the past 2 years and bit by bit is burning down. Maybe in another year or two it will be ashes....

rosemarie said...

are fire pit is filled with trees stumps,we havent had time to burn them.we had to much rain so we have to let them dry..i sure hope the wind didnt cause a problem..ope you had a great weekend!!