Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Country Girl celebrates the 4th

It's the morning after the 4th. Everything is quiet again. What does a real country girl do after she sits on the porch, in her pajamas, drinking coffee with her mom? She goes fishing, of course. After all, she and her mom are the only ones awake. It is relatively cool, and there's a nice breeze. She doesn't bother to change, who is going to see her? She takes the fishing pole, some cold pork from the fridge and heads over to the nearest tank.

She catches 3 pretty big fish (about 4 lbs each) and one smaller one. Now she has to skin them.

Now I (I mean she) poses proudly behind those 4 cleaned catfish and has her daughter take a picture. Still in her now very blood stained pajamas. Guess what's for supper.
That is a proper way to end this country 4th of July weekend.


BT said...

Wow, how busy you have been and what a wonderful way to spend July 4th. Well done you.

KathyB. said...

Ahhhh! A country girl after my own heart. Don't tell anyone, but I do most of my chores in my P.J.'s! I am quite a sight in my red flannel reindeer p.j. bottoms and red t-shirt as I feed my animals in the morning...wearing my farm fashionable black mud boots. Summer of course calls for the pink chicken p.j. bottoms with the white t-shirt and again, the black mud boots. If I had a fishing tank that would be even better!

Can you tell us more about the tank you went a-fishin' in? I am very interested!