Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Magnificent Lines from the series The Magnificent Seven

I've been sick this week, first with a day surgery on Tuesday and then with a wicked virus which did not allow me to draw one breath through my nose or swallow very often--for 5 days! Wow, it was a fun week! I'm fine now, so it could have been much worse. I've never used nasal spray before and let me tell you, it is a magnificent product.

Speaking of magnificent, I was puttering around the house this morning, half listening to the Western that Mike was watching. I don't know if it was my "weakened" condition or the fact that I felt so much better, or if it was just the show itself but it was funny. It wasn't supposed to be but some of the lines caught my attention and my amusement.

Presenting random lines from a Western series (The Magnificent Seven)
1. A young man vowing revenge: "God loves this gun".
2. His mother, upon viewing this young man's gunshot: "Son, be a man". Of course, he had just shouted "Ma, it hurts!".
3. Another son, reminiscing about his late wife: "She always said that Sunday was the day for dumplings".
4.This same young man, recalling how his father-in-law tried to keep him from marrying his late wife: "At least he used rocksalt instead of buckshot, it was his way of saying he liked you."
5. Another avenger: "I shot him before he could say howdy do, I shot him 3 times, bang, bang, bang! The green eyed monster.."
6. One of the sons, trying to get his mother out of harm's way: " Don't shoot my ma! Ma, get the hell inside!" Ma, of course, replies "Son, don't blaspheme".
7.The preacher tells the family: " A little sincerity is dangerous. A lot of it is absolutely fatal".
8. The preacher's parting words: "An eye for an eye leaves us blind".

Hey, I like that last one!

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