Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not that bad, Mama

We visited my son this week. It was so hot and he suggested going to one of his hangouts, Lake Amistad. He was describing the trail and the swimming area. Rock and cactus paths lead you to a cliff lined swimming area but he assures me that it isn't that hard to get to.

He said that it was a little bumpy driving there and to watch for cactus on the way down. It's not that bad Mama, he says.

He says that that his girlfriend's mom made it just fine even with her bad knees. And, her stepmom and her dad made it fine too, and they've both had recent surgery. I did make it. It looked scarier than it was. I was worried about getting back up but that was the easy part. He of course, bypasses this area, goes around the corner and jumps off the cliff. I go down here and scoot on my bottom to get in the water. I notice that there is a drop off as soon as you get off the rocks.

He gives us all "noodles" to swim with. I ask him how deep the lake is and he says 90 feet right here.Then he dives down as far as he can and the water is so clear that I can still see him. We notice we can see a lot of big fish down there too. Wow, that water really is very clear. I don't look down any more.
I make it back up without any help. I like going up better than going down and maybe I am being a little over dramatic. After all "it's not that bad, Mama".

I tell him not to jump off any more cliffs while I am there.


Daisy said...

It's a pretty spot. With two sons of my own, I have found that sons and moms don't always have the same idea about how bad something is, though. :) I think that would have been a bit of a struggle for me too.

KathyB. said...

That place is so beautiful! To think in the desert, with cactus and rocky cliffs you have that spot of water. But I am with you, sometimes those sons of ours really do not see things the way we do~but it looks like you all had a sweet time together.

90 feet deep? And you could see fish swimming below? So you were swimming with the fishes for awhile! :)

Southern Comfort said...

I usually don't like being in water where I can see the fish, but at least we didn't see any snakes. This area is notorious for rattlesnakes. It did cool us off in that 107 degree heat.