Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Hunter's Moon

                                                      Cooks Point Tx  Oct.22

From Wikipedia:
Oct. 22, 9:36 p.m. EDT -- Full Hunters' Moon.  The hunter's moon—also known as blood moon or sanguine moon—is the first full moon after the harvest moon, which is the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox.

Full Moon names date back to Native Americans, of what is now the northern and eastern United States. Those tribes of a few hundred years ago kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each recurring full moon. Their names were applied to the entire month in which each occurred.
With the leaves falling and the deer fattened, it's now time to hunt. Since the fields have been reaped, hunters can ride over the stubble, and can more easily see the fox, as well as other animals, which can be caught for a thanksgiving banquet after the harvest.

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Daisy said...

Lovely picture! I've been watching the moon here a lot the last couple of days too. Big and bright and beautiful.