Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veteran's day

A small man, quietly smiling stood outside of Walmart. He wore a hat and a vest with some type of insignia. I exchanged a few dollars for this Memorial Poppy. I thought of my Grandpa for some reason, and of Mr. Cox who was on the beach at Normandy on D Day. They were veterans of the same war. My Dad and Uncles, Mike's Dad and Uncles, friends at church and two of my nephews are also veterans. Several members of my family never came back from WWII. They all hold a place of honor in my heart.
Remember Veteran's Day. November 11.



KathyB. said...
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KathyB. said...

I made a mistake in my comment and deleted it...I want to say this post touches my heart. Our veterans deserve respect and I am so appreciative of men and women who would give a big chunk of their lives to the military in support of our country. Some may have signed on with no great motive, but when in war usually become men and women who know how to defend and support their country and brothers and sisters in arms. Thank-you veterans.

Southern Comfort said...

I know that you have some Veterans in your family too Kathy. Thank you and God Bless them (and you).