Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Texas blooms in the midst of drought

A great part of Texas is burning and all of Texas is in a drought, but there are several things you can always count on. Mesquite trees and Prickly Pear Cactus, which you can see in these pictures. Did you know that cattle and humans can eat mesquite beans? And, that you can eat the cactus leaves and the "pears" that form after these blooms?

Another thing to remember is to watch for Rattlesnakes. We always have those too!


Pam (Rose) Beeler said...

Kerrie -- what a gift you have in finding beauty every where ... even in cactus and mesquite. You are such a delight!

Mom24 said...

SO beautiful! Thanks for sharing these. I will probably never see anything like it with my own eyes.

KathyB. said...

I have been wondering about my blogging friends in Texas. The green cactus make the area appear lush and fertile, which if cactus is your plant of choice, your area is lush and fertile! I did not know you could eat so much of this prickly plant.They are quite pretty, I bet the bees appreciate them too.