Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lee's new puppy

This is Cole. My son and a group of police officers found him and his 5 siblings on the road near the Law Enforcement Center. They were covered with fleas and hungry. My son brought this one home and added him to the 2 other dogs he adopted. Cole is growing, and he is fiesty, and he is one of the family now.


Anonymous said...

He is so cute, and kudos to Lee and Peggi for rescueing him :)

gone to the beach said...

I love animals too. I have met birds, hedgehogs in the middle of difficult situations.
Birds have been so small and without flying skills. But your dog is adorable, his eyes tells a lot. I know you can take care of "his scars" - just by giving lots of love to him...Hugs. I would be glad to see more photos about him. When he is grown a bit. If it's possible. Bye. Greetings from Finland!!!

Jen said...

Just popping over from The Tasty Kitchen to say hello... Aw! He is so ridiculously cute!