Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Amos' nurse

Amos has gone through some health challenges recently and I have been his nurse. He wouldn't put his weight on his front left paw, so I examined it. I couldn't see anything wrong and he didn't yelp when I touched it or moved it. He sat with me and got his paw iced down. He likes ice and tried to lick it through the bag. After a few minutes he was ready to get up so I held a cube in my hand for him to lick and it kept him still for a few more minutes. I never did find out what was wrong.

He went through "surgical alteration" and is now fixed. He spent the night in the hospital and was so glad to come home. I boiled some beef bones and gave him one because he was only supposed to have small meals and chewing on this would occupy him for a while. You can tell he looks tired but is still able to keep possession of this bone with one paw. I am supposed to keep him calm and confined with no jumping (impossible) and limit his meals. I tried to be a good nurse but he was as fiesty as ever the next day. I had just sat down with a bowl of soup and cornbread when my nephew drove up and offered me a ride on his new motorcycle (fun but so, so terrifying!). I sat my soup down and went for about a 5 minute ride. I came back and sat down to finish my soup but Amos had eaten the whole bowl while I was gone. That meant that he had jumped up on the chair, ate a large meal, and jumped back down. After that jumping exercise and filling his stomach, he sure slept well that afternoon. I am not such a great nurse-don't tell.

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