Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentines are precious things

My husband has a beautiful philosophy about Valentine's Day. He doesn't think giving me flowers and a card is sufficient. Instead he dedicates the entire day to just being with me and doing things together. My celebration actually lasted 3 days. On Friday we went to Producers Co-op and bought three new fruit trees. Those are precious plants to me!
We went to Fritella's Italian cafe for lunch and had a really delicious, handmade meal. I ate the best lasagna that I've ever had. For supper Mike grilled "Armadillo Eggs" which are cheese and jalapeno stuffed sausage balls, and stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken breasts from a local meat market. Good food is really precious to me!
On Saturday we visited my mother. My twin nephews got the tractor and bucket and filled the truck with organic top soil and some organic compost from my childhood homestead. Soil from home is a precious addition to my garden!
Sunday, I was greeted with a big box of chocolates by the coffee pot. Then, of course, next came church and a Valentine's Day luncheon. Being with my church family is very precious to me!
Special hugs, gifts of candy or flowers and special thoughts from loved ones are always precious things. I hope your Valentine's Day was precious as well.


Mom24 said...

That sounds absolutely wonderful. He's a keeper. :)

Raggedy Girl said...

What a wonderful celebration and is it possible to post a recipe for Armadillo Eggs as that sounds like something my hubby would just love.

Have a wonderful weekend from
Roberta Anne

Cat said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful valentines day! Knowing what's precious in life important. Glad it was a good one for you!