Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My husband's new camera

I have been playing around with Mike's new work camera. It is much more fancy and complicated than mine. It has about 15 more settings and I've tried a few: Here is my nephew's pit bull puppy "King". Remember him from my post on 12-14-08? He has tripled in size. He is dark black, but is covered with dust here after playing with Ace. I used the Auto setting for this picture. This is the one Mike will always use.

This was taken with the portait setting. I thought the sunshine looked very pretty on the angel statue and green leaves.

This was the first time I've had the opportunity to use a Macro setting. It looks like I used the editing options to make this too dark. I like it but it is a little dark-I'm off to practice some more!Then I need to teach Mike how to use his camera.

Update on Mike's dad: he is stable enough for Mike to go back to work this week. Mike's original plan was to retire but now he wants to work a few more months, so we are trying to get back into a normal routine.


Raggedy Girl said...

Fun post and it sounds like an amazing camera.
Roberta Anne

KathyB. said...

Very nice pictures, I think your husband needs you to do a LOT more research on his it for awhile, try out all the settings, just to make sure he is aware of the possibilities and maybe you will need to help him with this for quite awhile.

Dawnie said...

the angel shot rocks. i still havent figured out our camera and we've had it for a couple of months. I see so many beautiful photos and think I can do so much better.