Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fried Eggs with a cornmeal crust

Here is a really delicious way to fix fried eggs for breakfast or even for supper. My mother made these occasionally while I was growing up but I just now tried it for myself.
For one fried egg: Pour about 1 teaspoon of oil in a nonstick pan. Heat the oil and pour in 1 teaspoon of cornmeal. Spread the oil and cornmeal around in the pan and let the cornmeal get browned and crispy.
Beak an egg directly over the cornmeal. Let the egg fry until the bottom is crispy.

Turn the egg over and cooked until the yolk reaches the desired softness. We like our yolks soft. Place the egg on a slice of buttered toast. This is a quick and tasty treat!


Mom24 said...

Interesting, I've never heard of thus before. Sounds good though.

KathyB. said...

I love fried eggs but I have never heard of this before I will try it!

Southern Comfort said...

It is what we just ate for breakfast. Mike cooked this morning My daughter ate one each day this week for breakfast. The secret is to let the oil get hot and then add the cornmeal. Let that cook together until it gets a little color. I hope y'all like these!

Tara said...

Sounds good. Never heard of that before. May have to give it a shot.