Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Friday, November 13, 2009

Walking Path-Landmark features

I showed you some of the natural landscape that I see every day on my walk. Today I want to show you some of the historical landmarks that surround me. Apparently I live in the middle of what was once a large plantation or "fort" as it was called, which dates back to the early 1800's.
Fort Oldham became an army facility during the Civil War and after.

Some of the old fort remains in the form of the family cemetery. I showed you a picture yesterday of the cemetery on top of a large hill. Here is the grave of Phillis Oldham, the grave at the very top. It is the most ornate, and is enclosed by a pretty wrought-iron fence.
You can see that she died in 1908, at the age of 99. Gone but not forgotten.

At the entrance to the cemetery, right at the foot of the hill, is an enormous cast-iron pot.

The marker explains its use.

A little farther down the road is the site of the army post. Remains of the old post office and barracks used to stand. Now it is just rubble. I don't know when the post office stood, maybe around 1900?

There is an abandoned residence in front of this site. I think some of the old materials were used to build sheds there.

Here is Oldham AME church that was built, I believe, in 1917. It is right across the county road from my house. When we first moved here, we could here the sermons and singing on Sunday mornings. Now the old members have passed away and the church is no longer used. I'm thinking of adopting it and sponsoring a marker for it.

I've become accustomed to where I live. At times, I forget how special this area is. It is time for me to remember and share it with you.
I want to feature the cemetery on my next post.


Calming Scents said...

wow that is really neat. I love history and the older I get the more respect and admiration I have for it.

I would love to see all this on my walk. I actually cant beleive they arent restoring some of this.

CharliJ said...

Thank you for capturing my Ancestry of Phillis Oldham.

Charli Jones