Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Friday, May 17, 2013

The sunroom: before and after

The piled up mess, the old sub-floor, patched sheet rock with old paint, no trim, dirt, dust. Of course the major mess is from pushing everything to the center of the room so I could paint.

New floor! New paint! New trim!, Stuff still piled up but much more manageable and I can walk through this room. Still some dirt and dust but we are getting there. Today, Mike will work on the trim in the hallway and I have taken up the old carpet in our bedroom. I am weeding out the unwanted books and boxing up my keepsakes. I might even paint the bedroom ceiling today.

Sherrie, I want to remodel our bathroom and you volunteered your services, right?


sgrayson said...

I will clear my calendar.How did you do all of that without me?

Ryann Hoyer@Yancey said...

I suppose those are the stuff you haven't organized yet blocking the light, right? Sunrooms are light-filled room. Almost like feeling like your outdoors while you stay inside the house. But you can work that out easily. Do you have skylights? Any more finishing touches you have in mind for the sunroom?

Arthur Bryant said...

It seems that you’re really in the mood to renovate, huh? After the sunroom, your bedroom is your next target. It’s fun and exciting to involve yourself in a project like this, isn’t it? Use all the creativity you’ve got to succeed on your home renos!

Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

Aldo Finney said...

I know that this sunroom project has inspired you a lot to come up with another home improvement project. It's a beautiful transformation! Did you imagine that it will turn out neatly and gorgeously like this? Haha! I bet you succeeded on your bathroom renovation project too. :)
Aldo Finney @ Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors