Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Monday, August 25, 2008

Coffee, toffee, empanadas, and cheese (a weekend in Austin)

We go to Austin every few weeks to visit my father-in-law to do chores, visit, grocery shop etc., and if we are there on Saturday, we go to the Farmer's market. I, of course, have a standard purchase: medium roast coffee with cream, pineapple cheese, a lamb empanada, and a small container of millionaire shortbread (shortbread cookie base with a creamy toffee filling and pure chocolate topping). My husband gets the coffee and he knows just how much cream I like. He says to get the cup 3/4 full of coffee and add cream until the cup won't hold any more. "That's perfect!" I always say. I get the empanada. Just one. My husband says that he doesn't want his own "I'll just have a few bites of yours". Of course I'll share. Then my daughter and I share the toffee shortbread. We sit in lawnchairs and listen to live musicians while we enjoy our treats. We take the rest of the shortbread and the cheese with us to savor over the next few weeks. I love the Farmer's Market!
My husband leads the way and by now he knows where the coffee booth is located. He politely waits for me to take the picture and then he is off to sample some of the offerings. Notice the heavy clouds in the background-we made this a fairly short visit.

We treated ourselves to lunch in a chinese restaurant on Friday. My daughter ordered her standard: sesame chicken. My husband had sweet and sour pork. This is my seafood delight: scallops, shrimp and vegetables in a light brown sauce. Delicious...

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