Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sometimes More is Less but family is ALL

I know that this post is a little confusing but my sisters will understand. We just got back from a beautiful vacation and I can't wait to get together on the next family adventure.My sister rented a house at a place we'd never stayed before. Here is a picture of the pool and lake taken by my daughter on the first day.

Sunset brought out the soon to be full moon surrounded by the remnants of thunderhead clouds.

The boys went to rent some jet skis but drove by me in this boat. It seems that 2 of them were too young to legally drive the jet skis, so they rented a fast boat complete with a tube that they could pull. Big Bubba drove, Little Bubba shared his tube knowledge and the twin Bubbas rode until they were a little banged up and exhausted. And later, we all went on the boat and joined in the thrills.

It was beautiful and we really enjoyed it. I want my middle sister to hear me_I TRULY ENJOYED IT AND WOULD NOT HAVE MISSED IT FOR ANY REASON. These statements will probably only make sense to my sister but I'm dedicating this to her anyway. We learned a lot of lessons on this vacation. It was the biggest, fanciest house I'd ever been in but as we found out, sometimes More is Less. It became the butt of many jokes that all this "splendor" was actually a facade where there was mega money spent on the house but zero hospitality. Our family was all together, and we have always been very close, which has MORE value than anything we encountered at this house. There was a little cloud over us because of the lack of amenities but we soon proceeded to enjoy our family and vacation. My sister rented the house and didn't even expect us to pay our part-she just wanted us there. We had fun but we won't ever go back to this place.

I want to praise the owner of the condo on the beach where we stay every year. It costs less and is just slightly less fancy but it is very welcoming. It is affordable, stocked with beautiful towels that are actually in the cabinet, equipped with paper towels, dish soap, hand soap and some trash bags! Toilet paper is on each holder and extra is in the cabinets. And she doesn't care if we lie on the couch. She even e-mails us to tell us thank you for renting and then e-mails afterwards to see if we had a good time. That, to me, is good Southern hospitality. We will stick with her in the future.
This lake vacation reaffirmed to us that, as long as we are all together, we are rich-and that is definitely MORE.

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