Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Charli

Remember my son's new Daschund mix puppy, Andre? He has really grown and is almost as big as my dog, Amos. This is Andre during their visit last night, and he had a surprise for us...

Another puppy! My son thought that Andre needed a playmate because he is so super active that nobody can wear him out. He just keeps going and going. This new puppy is Charli. She is also a daschund mix. She is so tiny, and so meek-for now.

Charli got very comfortable lying on Mike's chest.

Amos was very fascinated by Charli. In between chasing Andre and then hiding from him, Amos would jump up on the couch, sniff Charli all over, and wag his tail. I think he likes this little friend.


DebH said...

Oh man I am a sucker for a lap dog!!
What a sweetie!!

KathyB. said...

Oh, they are so cute! And you got to enjoy puppy breath! I love puppy breath, it melts my heart!

BT said...

Oh they are just gorgeous, both of them. I'm sure they'll get on fine.