Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Book reviews, Author review

*the following review may contain some "spoilers" for those who want to read these books*
I recently got on a roll and read three books by the author Jodi Picoult. I tried "Nineteen Minutes" first. Her writing style really caught my attention and the story did too. It was about a school shooting and 5 or 6 characters got to tell the story in their own words, even the shooter himself. Very sad though...
Next, I read "My Sister's Keeper". This was the saddest of the three books that I sampled. It told the story of a terminally ill child whose younger sister was conceived for the sole purpose of saving her sick sister with her platelets and bone marrow etc. The younger sister finally sued her parents for the right to have a say in all medical decisions concerning her own body. By the second book, the author's style of having all the characters tell the story in 1st person (by chapters) got a little frustrating to me. I just wanted to hear from the main character the most.
Extremely sad ending...
The last book I tried was "Change of Heart". This novel told the story of a convicted murderer who may not be exactly guilty. He apparently had a special "spirituality" that he presented at times, and wanted to donate his heart to the little sister of his victim-after he was executed. The concept was so reminiscent of the book " The Green Mile" that I wondered if Stephen King thought about suing. I admit to skipping some of the chapters because they were told by some of the minor characters. I guess I just wanted to get to the heart of the story. This book had a bit more of a happy ending than the others I read.
If you don't mind really sad endings, or the fact that the stories are told piecemeal by many characters, then you probably will enjoy these books. I did enjoy them but was left feeling very sad, and a little hopeless. I'm not sure if I'm ready to read any more of Jodi Picoult's books for a while, but will probably check one out in the future.


Mom24 said...

Thanks for the reviews. My daughter loves her books. I've never been able to get into them--I've had enough sadness, I like to relax with lighter fare.

I think I'll be staying away from the movie My Sisters Keeper too.

Right now I'm loving Elizabeth Berg and Debbie Macomber--much lighter stuff.

KathyB. said...

I have been avoiding books that are too sad...and I avoid movies that are too sad also. Just the way I am. When I was young, I would NOT watch many Disney shows and movies because inevitably some of the animals die..or people.

I actually remember my Dad having to come to my bedroom , where I was crying for the sadness, and have a talk with me about hoo! Anyway, there has been enough sadness and heartache in my life lately I tend to read other types of books. Good review!

KathyB. said...

I am stopping by again to thank-you very, very much for your prayers and kind comments. Yes, it is going to be another long summer where my husband, myself, and the rest of the family spend most of our time petitioning God for the safety and well being of the little girls, and remembering we need to keep our eyes on Him...always.

So blessed! said...

So glad to hear you say that about Jodi Picoults writings. I just finished My Sister's Keeper and don't think I will be able to see the movie unless I am at home ALONE! I cried with the book, I know I will cry at the movies. (Not a pretty crier), so I will wait on this one to come out on DVD.
I tried to read another of her novels, Disappearing Act, but I gave up just a few chapters in because I had a hard time following who was saying and doing what. I hung in there with this last one, but not sure if I can read another of hers.
Have you read Handle With Care by her? Was just curious.