Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Monday, August 17, 2009

Let me tell you how much I love Netflix!

We have found a really good thing!...Netflix...

We can watch about 16 movies a month by subscribing to Netflix. All we have to do is walk to our mailbox to get the movies or return them. No late fees! I can mail movies on Monday and have the new movies on Wednesday. How can you beat that? I live 10 miles from town, so even a $1 Redbox movie requires me to drive to town to rent it, then again to return it. We have made a long list of movies to rent, mostly old black and white ones. These are so much fun! Oh, and you can watch movies on demand anytime-for no additional fee-on your computer.

This is a service I highly recommend. We have subscribed (we have the "2 movies at a time" plan for about $14 per month) for about 3 months and I am extremely pleased. You might want to try it. Most nights, there is nothing to watch on regular TV anyway, so why not try a great, classic movie.


Anonymous said...

We love it too! I've been watching the old Leave to Beaver episodes on my computer, and James has watched dozens of movies.

James Haberer said...

You need to purchase a ROKU box ($100). They have an agreement with Netflix - unlimited downloads to your PC or TV for no extra cost.

You have a Mail Queue and an Instant Queue. Hook up the Roku to your internet (wired or wireless) and then the TV. Takes all of 3 minutes and you are ready to go. Find the title in your Instant Queue, press the button and it starts playing on the TV.

Instand download movies are limited to older titles but there is enough there to keep me busy for months and months and months.