Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Friday, August 14, 2009

My take on the movie "Julie and Julia"

(The real Julia Child and Julie Powell are on the right)

My daughter and I recently saw the movie "Julie and Julia". It is based on two real women, Julia Child, and Julie Powell. The premise is that Julie Powell wrote a very popular blog about the year in which she cooks her way through each recipe in Julia Child's famous cookbook. It is about her triumphs and her disasters-in cooking and in life itself. Intertwined in Julie's story, is Julia Child's account of her early life in Paris. The movie depicts Julia Child's beginnings as a chef, and it gives us an intimate look into her personal life. We really enjoyed the movie. We loved the humor and thought that Meryl Streep's portrayal of Julie Child was masterful. And by the way, it made us want to buy Julia Child's book and try some of her recipes ourselves.

I do need to say that I know nothing about the real Julie Powell or her blog. I have never read anything from her blog but I am now aware that there is some controversy about it. I am, however, a knowledgeable fan of Julia Child, having grown up watching her television show, and I think I love her even more now. I don't really care about the controversy. I did like the movie and hope that the real Julie Powell has as much respect for Julia Child as her movie counterpart.

The only thing that disappointed me was that there were several strong curse words (including the F-word) that will now keep me from taking some older church friends to see the movie. It is rated PG 13, and I had hoped that it would be a movie I could take my women's group to. I guess I could overlook those words and still enjoy the movie, but it certainly won't do as a church activity. Oh, well...

What we did watch as a church group was "Lilies of the Field". That was so appropriate and meaningful, not to mention enjoyable. But....that is another review.


Calming Scents said...

I've been thinking of going to this one..your review is a good one.

I agree, I dont think a Church women's group would be good to go--but then if they are spunky women they may just chuckle.

KathyB. said...

My husband and I saw the movie and loved it! We are now inspired to cook the duck dish featured in it, as we do have 2 very, very fat Rouen ducks just looking simply delectable as they waddle fatly across our yard amidst the flock of mostly males.( this is not being heartless, it is practical, 13 male ducks and 3 females makes for a lot of trouble come spring!)

We did meet some church friends coming out of the movie as we were going in and they LOVED it. I just want to say it is refreshing to see a movie based on 2 MARRIED couples enjoying each other as they cook their way through life.