Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chicken Coop Archery Practice

Before we tear down our old chicken coop, it will make a really good backstop for archery practice. Reinforced with tin, a hay bale and some leftover boxes from Christmas, it gives Mike a safe place for his target.

He shows me the area, in white, that is the ideal target range.

This practice arrow has been repaired with black electrical tape. Those arrows actually penetrate the tin if you miss the target!

He shoots from a short distance, working his way back until he is about 30 feet away. His aim is getting more accurate. He has found out, however, that 3 hours straight is too long to practice. Ice packs and Deep Heat have been required the last few days for his left shoulder and elbow.
He has informed me that knife throwing will be the next sport after he masters archery.


KathyB. said...

Has he hit his "bull's eye" ? I think given my husband's already sore shoulder I will not even suggest he take up this sport! Knife throwing, huh? Hope your husband's pain is but a memory now.

Southern Comfort said...

Mike is notorious for overdoing things. He keeps going and going because he doesn't feel any pain or strain until the next day or so. I do get to hear when he hits his mark, but it will be a few more days before he gets to try it again.

J Haberer said...

See I told you. He's getting old and that ramp is going to come in handy.

Southern Comfort said...

You are such a nice brother-in-law! See y'all on Monday. Are you having lunch with us? You can come here and see us anytime now-the rail is done on the ramp and it is much safer for you now...

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