Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Friday, January 8, 2010

Featuring: a Christmas gift #2

I've featured the Christmas gift from my daughter-my Reader's Haven book club and now I want you to see my new Bobby Flay bakeware. Here is one large and one small casserole dish. I also received a large round one that now holds a huge:......

Shepherd's pie!
This consists of seasoned ground meat (I used chili and garlic of course), followed by a pound of frozen mixed vegetables that I steamed and buttered, topped by creamy homemade mashed potatoes. After baking it, I added a mixture seasoned bread crumbs, butter and Parmesan cheese, then put it back into the oven to crisp up. This made a huge amount and will feed us for days!


Calming Scents said...

ohhh I love this dinnerware! and that beef pie looks GREAT.

KathyB. said...

My husband likes to watch Bobby Flay on the Food network. How wonderful to get the bakeware you wanted, and even better, to use it! Except for the potatoes ( which I cannot endure at all ) the recipe looks and sounds delicious.

What a blessing it is for me to see how much you and your husband enjoy and celebrate your life there in the A-Frame!

Southern Comfort said...

Kathy, I remember now that you don't care for potatoes. Some of my nieces and nephews don't like them either. (or any kind of noodles). Those are two of my favorite foods. Of course, potatoes are best with sour cream and lots of butter.... not too good for me. And fortunately, Mike and I still like to be around each other,and are bigtime homebodies even after 24 years.