Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unique--my deck update

Mike continues to work on the deck and has made a lot of progress. It is his design and it is as unique as the A-Frame house we built. I helped a little with the design of the ramp but all the rest is his vision, skill, and muscle. All he has left is to finish the decking boards and build the rails for the ramp.

The deck will extend across the front of the house now. You can stand on it and be at the exact level of our windows. And you can look right in!
Mike shows off his ramp. The ramp is a safety feature as well as as a design element. As least it will be when the rail is built. Before, we had a dangerous edge to the deck with 3 small steps to navigate. I always watched visitors ascend and descend to make sure they didn't misstep.

This view looks toward the road and shows how little Mike has left to finish the decking boards.

I am photographing from the deck, looking down the ramp. You can step off the end and onto our fire pit area or turn left to our parking area. See the white bird bath in front of the ramp by the big rosemary bush? My little dog, Amos, can drink out of it now-if he stands on the ramp. All the big dogs who "visit" from neighboring houses always drank from it but Amos was always too tiny. We just moved the bird bath there temporarily for construction purposes but now we may have to leave it. Amos drinking from it is just too cute.


J Haberer said...

I guess now that Mike is getting on in years he's going to need that ramp for his wheechair - good job planning ahead.

Southern Comfort said...

Mike said he was only thinking of you James.

KathyB. said...

Beautiful deck and ramps. His handiwork is a tribute to him, plus, as the previous commenter said, the ramp is also great if you might be needing it for a wheelchair visitor.

I notice your yard is void of grass, is it crushed rock or gravel? It is very attractive and looks to be easy to maintain.

I also like your new coat and dress in the previous post, Happy New year!

Southern Comfort said...

This part of the yard is gravel and rock that allows us to walk and park on all that red clay. The rest is just native pasture grass like bermuda. We mow about 3 times a year. Mike mowed once last year due to the drought. We don't want to put in a formal yard because it would require "wasting", in my opinion, a lot of precious water. And I do think Mike is very talented too.