Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alone with Amos

Whenever anyone tells me that they read my blog, they always say that they like the pictures of Amos. I don't blame them, I like them too. As a matter of fact, I just love this little dog. He keeps me company and sympathizes with me. He and I have been alone a lot lately. My kids have been gone for 3 days and won't be back until next Saturday. They are on the mission trip to Colorado with the kids from another town. My husband is working and I had planned to do some house repairs this week. I need to paint my refrigerator, clean out the utility room and put down the new rug, and then put some shelves around the staircase because I've always wanted to make that area my "little library". I figured that since I was here by myself and needed to occupy my time so that I wouldn't miss everyone so much-I would do these projects. Well...Sunday night I started feeling tired and blah. I evidently caught a stomach virus. All of Monday I was sick. Amos stayed right by me. He sat with me in the recliner and then when I slept on the couch last night (so my husband could sleep), Amos slept with me-sometimes on top of me. I've had a lot of quiet time so I thank Amos for keeping company and keeping me from getting too downhearted with everyone gone. I am better this morning so I'm about to go look at that refrigerator...

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klg said...

W H A T A C U T E L I T T L E D O G !!!!!!!!