Life in the A-Frame

Life in the A-Frame

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

UMYF extended family

Youth from two different towns met for the first time. They are going on a mission trip to another state so this gathering at a friend's lake provided a casual, fun time for them to meet and interact. We kayaked, ate, swam, and talked...

My husband and I took a canoe out by ourselves. We went under this bridge and my husband picked some of the wild grapes that hung over us.

As we came to the spot where the creek empties into the lake, this dead tree caught our eye because it was lit by the last strong rays of the sun before dark.
Our twin nephews dived backwards together and someone told me that this dive was pretty, but not as synchronized as the one they did before.

A couple of the older boys barbequed this chicken and made kebabs from summer vegetables.
We found out that the youth had many similar interests, chores, and hobbies. They even involved the adults in the discussion of favorite books, movies, and careers. I ask God to bless them and go with them on their mission trip-acting in his Word.

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